Fighting Words

Fighting Words

Community Engagement, Accessibility & Participation

Thanks for an amazing experience. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children…This is a fantastic creative project and well done to all for bringing it to the primary schools. We are privileged to be part of it!
Cloverfield NS, Dromkeen

Thanks so much to you all for a wonderful Zoom session. I was delighted with the children and their ideas
St Senan’s NS, Foynes

Thanks so much to you all for the fantastic workshop experience… my class just loved it from start to finish. It was so inclusive and each pupil felt that their contribution mattered. They enjoyed the freedom they had to write freely and to just let their imaginations run riot…A super initiative and one which inspires children to write.
St. Brigid’s NS, Leitrim

In 2021 we were delighted to announce that we would be hosting the first Fighting Words Limerick programme which proved hugely successful with participating schools and which now continues into 2022.

What is Fighting Words?
Established in Dublin in 2009 by Roddy Doyle and Seán Love, Fighting Words is a hugely successful creative writing programme that aims to help children and young people to discover and harness the power of their own imaginations and creative writing skills.

While introducing children and young people to the magic of writing, Fighting Words is also about something much broader and more inclusive. It is about using the creative practice of writing and storytelling to strengthen our children to be resilient, creative and successful shapers of their own lives.

Fighting Words is headquartered in Dublin but runs programmes in 15 locations on the island of Ireland, partnering with arts and cultural institutions and libraries to deliver workshops locally.

How Does It Work?
Fighting Words offers free, two-hour workshops to individual classes of primary school children which, in these times, are delivered virtually via an online platform such as Zoom.

All Fighting Words programmes are run by teams of trained and Garda vetted volunteer writing mentors. Class teachers act as partners to the team during the workshop but the session is led by the team!

We will begin the workshop by working all together as one group, building up a story together. The group story document will be displayed on the screen by one of the Fighting Words Limerick team. After working as a group for the first half, we invite the children to begin individual writing, finishing the group story or creating something totally new as they wish.

The first half of the story will be published on the Fighting Words website – – for all to see!

Booking Information

If you are interested in being added to the waiting list for a Fighting Words Limerick workshop, please e-mail to request a  booking form.