NSO and Jessica Cottis – Hindson, Berg and Brahms


Friday 3rd November 2023



    Jessica Cottis - Conductor

    Claire Booth - Soprano

    Matthew Hindson Speed

    Berg Seven Early Songs

    Brahms Symphony No. 2

    Conductor Jessica Cottis – ‘at one minute fluid and expressive, at another animated and explosive, and everything in between’ (Limelight) – returns for a programme of exciting contrasts.

    Matthew Hindson’s “Speed” is a rollercoaster ride at full throttle, Brahms’ glowing Second Symphony a thing of becalmed, pastoral beauty and brilliance.

    Claire Booth - ‘that most questing, resourceful and intelligent of sopranos’ (Daily Telegraph) sings Berg’s haunting, otherworldly and mysteriously beautiful Seven Early Songs.

    In association with the University Concert Hall, Limerick 

    Present by: National Symphony Orchestra

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    • NSO and Jessica Cottis – Hindson, Berg and Brahms
    • 03 Nov 2023
    • 07:30 PM
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