Thursday, 14 June 2018

Rebecca O’Connor Talks Tina Turner

We chatted to the star of the smash hit "Simply The Best" show, Rebecca O’Connor about all things Tina Turner, ahead of her performance in UCH tonight, Thursday 14th June!

When did you decide to become a Tina Turner tribute act?

From the very young age of six my father introduced me to Tina Turner’s music. When I first saw her, a volcano erupted inside of me. I knew I wanted to be a dancer, singer and entertainer from that moment on!

What drew you to Tina as a young girl?

I come from Irish-Jamaican heritage. I was adopted by my Irish parents, Anne and Michael O’Connor, when I was two months old, and raised in Cobh, Co. Cork. I remember back combing my Afro and wearing my mother’s high heels and makeup and I absolutely loved anything that sparkled. In my eyes, Tina had it all.

What do you admire most about Tina?

EVERYTHING! Tina is a soul that shines bright in every way.

What is your favourite Tina song to perform and why?

Beyond the Thunderdome. It’s POWERFUL and means a lot to me. Every time I sing it… it makes me feel good.

Have you ever met Tina Turner?

I’ve never met Tina. I’ve dedicated my whole life to performing because I love what I do. My one and only wish is to meet Tina. I need to meet her. I feel my life is not whole until I meet her. It was overwhelming when Tina said “Rebecca is so good it’s SCARY!” I know every performance needs to be my best – if it’s not my best I will not do the Queen of Rock and Roll justice. It’s a full time job which I dedicate to Tina, an iconic legend!

Will we ever see a Rebecca and Tina duet?

I would LOVE to. First wish is to meet her!

Why do you think people enjoy tribute acts so much?

The ENERGY! My band, my dancers and my whole team are the BEST! Having such a good team around me makes the show jump and people LOVE IT! I also don’t do the show in the first person. I’m Rebecca and I sing Tina’s songs but I am NOT Tina. I will never be Tina! What I do is keep Tina Turner’s music ALIVE! And in doing so I’m fortunate enough to have a nice following now which I’m very humbled and grateful for!

What advice would you give to a young person who wants to pursue a career like yourself?

Dream big and believe in yourself. Not everybody will like what you do but you have got to believe in yourself and take the knocks with the good times. It’s not always easy! Love what you do and believe in the dream. Perseverance, constant practice and surround yourself with good people. When the going gets tough … pick yourself up and enjoy the ride. Stick at it through the bad times as that’s where the real success lies – dreams do come true!

And finally, are you excited to be returning to UCH again this year?

I can’t wait to get back to Limerick! I absolutely LOVE the venue and finishing my Irish Tour in Limerick is going to be SENSATIONAL!


Thanks for speaking to us Rebecca, and good luck tonight!

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