Resilience – Conquering Your Inner Demons

Saturday 27th November 2021, 8:00pm

Resilience – Conquering Your Inner Demons

Join us for an evening of open and honest conversation where attendees will get to experience a journey of resilience and how to overcome intrusive thoughts that many of us face. Rory’s Stories and Ray Goggins will deep dive into topics like the fear of failing, setting yourself goals, living with a positive mindset, and so much more. Moderated by editor and podcaster, Mike Sheridan, the evening will help to open up the dialogue on conquering your inner demons.

Comedian Rory and former Special Forces operator Ray first met on RTE’s Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week where Ray put Rory through his paces both mentally and physically, all in the name of charity, of course. Since then, they’ve recognised the need for more open conversations about wellbeing and the internal struggles a lot of people face on a daily basis. Although serious topics, they will bring humour, some great stories and that feel good factor to the evening as well. Their aim is to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves but most importantly, walks away feeling confident and inspired.

Over the years Rory has shared his own journey on mental health and has seen it resonate with so many people. Ray understands the toll that certain internal hardships can take on people, and in turn, has the ability to encourage them to keep on pushing through it. And so, they’ve come together to share their experiences and skills with a live audience in the hope that these open conversations will help and inspire others.


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