Irish Chamber Orchestra – Reformation

Tuesday 21st March 2017, 8:00pm

Irish Chamber Orchestra – Reformation

Jorg Widmann Principal Conductor/Clarinet

Igor Levit Piano

Mozart’s Don Giovanni Overture suggests an impending tragedy, but the music makes an emotional u-turn into something quite magnificent. It counter-balances the powerful close of Mendelssohn’s Reformation Symphony (No. 5), a work written to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation that affords an instructive insight into the composer’s use of Lutheran church music.

Mozart’s piano concertos are some of his greatest works. His wildly popular Concerto No. 21 was written by the twenty-nine-year old Mozart, six years before his early death. By virtue of its slow movement, this work has become one of the most recorded of Mozart’s concertos ever since featuring in the 1967 film, Elvira Madigan. Mozart’s C major Fugue was first composed for two pianos, but the composer later re-arranged it for strings – adding an introductory Adagio reminiscent of a French overture.

Widmann brings his own twist to the Andante from Mendelssohn’s Clarinet & Piano Sonata, which he has arranged for Clarinet, String Orchestra and Celesta – featuring Widmann on Clarinet and Levit exchanging the Grand Piano for the Celesta.

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